In 2011, three visionaries with a wealth of experience came together and established a young and innovative company called ‚Interactive Blueprints’.

Michiel Otterloo and Rutger-Jan Loenen both come from the construction industry and have extensive experience in the areas of project development and real estate management. Jan Willems is the man of organization, structure and business management and takes his position as the company’s CEO.

The office of Interactive Blueprints owes its special atmosphere to the historic brick walls, which originate from the old city of Deventer, the Netherlands.
In 2014 a German branch was founded in Steinfurt, North Rhine-Westphalia, as the first subsidiary abroad.

A team of more than twenty employees works in the development, service, sales and marketing of the products FlexWhere, ED Controls and QR Controls. The company is growing quickly and works closely together with a specialized team of twelve software developers in India.


We are connected.

Every one of our employees is an important pillar of the company and makes its own particular contribution. Each one of us is in direct contact with our customers. Both within the team as well as with customer, interaction is crucial for our motivation and success.


We adapt to you.

The needs of our customers is of central importance in developing our solutions and applications. Our cooperation with both new and existing customers is our most valuable asset. That is what we focus our attention on.


We have an objective.

By using modern software applications work processes shall be simplified so that people can stay on top of things, avoid problems and enjoy their work.


We realize visions.

Requirements, needs and opportunities are constantly changing. We can flexibly deal with changes and integrate them successfully. Not only the present influences our actions, but also our ideas and goals for the future.