Simple and professional

Customer orientation and user friendliness are our top priority. From design and implementation to application and the service we put emphasis an the customer’s satisfaction. Professionally designed surfaces for easy use and transparent workflows are the essentials of our systems.

Solutions that work

The products of Interactive Blueprints are easy to install and use on your desktop, tablet and smartphone. This way, you have the necessary and current information at your fingertips.

Our products

For snag management

Every construction project brings the risks not to be ready at the scheduled time, causing higher costs and losing quality when time and money are scarce. Here we come in and offer a smart and time-saving solution. With timely inspections deviations are detected, which you can share with the help of ED Controls directly with your potential contractors.

Risk-oriented working

Greater job satisfaction and better quality are within easy reach if you work together in a smart and effective way. Also when it comes to risk management. Risks are often seen as threats to the success of a project, but what if risk management creates opportunities? You excel if you are aware of the risks that can occur and react proactively to them at an early stage. QR Controls helps you with that.

For flexible working

FlexWhere is available via the touchscreen, your computer and now also on your tablet or smart phone. Free work stations will be displayed within seconds on each floor and room. You can also easily and quickly find your colleagues, see which meeting rooms are reserved by whom or reserve a meeting room ad-hoc. This is how flexibility becomes even more convenient.