Our organisation is developing rapidly. So rapidly, that we have outgrown our name and we have decided to continue under a new name: Dutchview.

In a highly innovative market like ours, it is important that not only your products, but also your brand keeps up with the time. That is why we have put a lot of energy into modernising our identity and image.

With the name Dutchview we are more in line with our current products and the products that will be added in the future. With this we underline our roots of an innovative IT company, where Dutch down-to-earth people work together on internationally successful software applications. Solutions that enable organizations to work smart and effectively. This way they can devote all their time and energy to the things they do the best. It is precisely this space which is made available that makes work more enjoyable. We make it easy on you.

Although our image is changing, we as an organisation continue to follow the same direction. With the same management and staff we continue to deliver the quality our customers expect from us: customer-oriented, accessible, future-oriented and professional.



Our innovative software applications:

For questions we are available at : +442039608896 or info@interactiveblueprints.nl